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My name is Ari Williams.

I am an independent animator, storyboard artist, and character designer. I am passionate about storytelling, the creation of artwork and human expression. I am currently a senior at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and will be graduating this winter of 2023. I am a 2D animation major and creative writing minor. 

I currently work as a freelance artist/independent business attending pop culture conventions across the United States where I sell original fan work in the form of charms, pins, prints, and stickers. I also do other freelance motion design and worked as a 2D graphics animator for Area Environments, a local wallpaper company, from the summer of 2022 to the spring of 2023. 

My love for artwork extends beyond the aesthetic aspect of visual work. Connection to all communities of people is something I hold very close to my practice, uplifting marginalized storytellers and shining a spotlight upon those stories that get cast aside. As a creative I find my ability to tell my own stories important to me, but supporting others with their stories they want to tell takes precedent. 

Storytelling and animation are not just a means to an end for me, the process of creating something worthwhile brings me so much joy. I find happiness in my process, not just the end result. 

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